“My periods were irregular, excruciating and so heavy – I had to miss school every time I had a period. The doctor sent me for a scan and they diagnosed PCOS – they wanted to put me on the contraceptive pill but I did some research and thought that would just delay the problem until I came off the pill when I’d be back where I started. I did some more research and thought acupuncture might help – my mum first took me to see Maddy about three years ago and my periods where more manageable right from the start – I’ve had scans recently and they can’t see any cysts on my ovaries now.”

“I’d been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries in my early twenties and went on the contraceptive pill. I recently came off the pill to try and start a family but my periods didn’t return. I thought acupuncture might be a good idea because I was really stressed at work and needed something to relax me. Maddy went through my full medical history and started treatment, within two months my periods started up again and I’ve since gone on to conceive naturally.”

“Maddy, just to say ‘thank you so much’

hot sweats – almost gone

sleep – so much better

emotional state – much improved”

“I needed to have IVF because of problems with my fallopian tubes. It was a stressful and emotional time. Maddy was a huge help – both with the acupuncture and emotional support – I’ve got a wonderful little boy now. Thank you. x”

“Maddy supported me through three rounds of failed IVF and then a successful egg donation – can’t begin to express my gratitude.”

“From around 12 years old I became anorexic and my periods stopped. I had lots of counseling and other help and got over the anorexia but my periods didn’t come back. My friend recommended Maddy and she has really helped me get back on track and now my periods have come back too. Acupuncture really helped me.”

“Maddy has helped me cope with my periods by making them so much more manageable. Every month I would get awful pain in the week building up to my period and then on day one I would sometimes be physically sick with the pain – it made work difficult and holidays really miserable if coinciding with that stage of my cycle. As acupuncture progressed over the first couple of months things just got better and now I just see Maddy once a moth to keep well.”

“Hi Maddy,

I am taking this opportunity to let you know that the Moxibuston worked. Baby is confirmed cephalic (head down) by scan yesterday and we have had the stitch taken out this morning.

Thank you so much for your important roll in having our baby, and birth we set our hearts on.

I hope to send you a picture once baby is born so you can tell our story to others in need of the treatment.

Thanks again

Love & Light”

“My friend suggested I try a few sessions of acupuncture to help me get through the birth of my second child. With my first child, I was in labour for 36 hours and lost a lot of blood. As you can imagine I didn’t want to repeat this, so I did some research and found out that acupuncture, from 36 weeks of pregnancy, can help reduce the length of labour and blood loss.

Another friend highly recommended Maddy and when I approached her, she explained very clearly about the specific treatment and how it helps to get your body in the best state possible to deal with labour.

I’d never had acupuncture before, so I was a bit nervous, however Maddy put me at ease straight away by explaining how it all works, what was going to happen and that it doesn’t hurt. The sessions took place in a very relaxing environment and after each one, I felt more confident and energised.

At around 37 weeks, my baby turned and was showing breech. When I told Maddy, she mentioned a form of acupressure called Moxibustion (which midwives know about) that helps to turn the baby head down. After 2 sessions, a scan showed the baby in the correct position! The midwife and I were very shocked and i was so pleased that I could have a normal delivery and avoid a c-section.

I had Lilly-Ann on my due date. I went into hospital at 9cm dilated and she was born 1 hour later. It was a straight forward delivery with minimal blood loss.

I am very thankful to Maddy for all her advice and guidance prior to the birth and I truly believe my birth experience would’ve been quite different without her help.

Thanks Maddy!”